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How to Sell Homes Fast in Tampa Bay Area Using Virtual Reality Tours

Selling homes can get challenging. Real estate agents may sometimes meet one prospective buyer after another and still not close the deal. This leaves them stuck with unsold homes from months on end. On the other hand, choosing the right home to buy can also be a tedious task for those who are on the market for new homes. Open houses and touring real estate prospects with brokers require a big chunk of a buyer’s time. In some cases, it can be very inconvenient especially for those who have busy schedules.

This leaves both real estate agents and home buyers wondering, is there a faster way to do real estate transactions?

Enter real estate virtual reality tours, more commonly known as Matterport to realtors. With rapid advancements in technology, viewing real estate listings can now be done online and at the convenience of the buyer’s time. They can now do away with going to all of the prospective homes. Buyers can simply go on virtual reality tours and shortlist homes that they want to visit physically, saving them time and transportation costs.

But what about real estate agents? How can they leverage on the tech innovation that is virtual reality? This poses great benefits for real estate agents such as:

1. Less on-site property viewing

One benefit of utilizing Matterport is that realtors can lessen the time they spend showing prospective buyers the properties on the market. By simply sharing the virtual tours with prospective buyers, they will be able to avoid scheduling numerous property tours with clients who are still in the initial stage of buying a house. Instead, they’ll be able to use that time to tour properties with clients who have already shortlisted the properties that they want to visit physically.

2. Opportunity to sell to more people

Having the ability to do real estate virtual reality tours can open up a real estate agents’ roster of clients to a whole new level. Real estate agents usually deal with people who are living in their vicinity or have concrete plans of moving into the area. However, leveraging on Matterport can get agents a more diverse set of clients from all over the country, especially those from a younger demographic. An advantage of virtual reality is that those who are still deciding on which cities they want to move to don’t have to commit to visiting properties physically.

3. Faster sales cycle

Viewing homes via virtual reality tours lead buyers to make faster decisions. Once home buyers have already shortlisted the homes that they’d like to visit physically by conducting the initial viewing through virtual tours, it will be much easier for them to make the decision on which house they’d like to call their next home. In the long run, this will make for a faster selling process in real estate. Gone are the days that home buyers need to think long and hard before purchasing a home.

With everything going digital nowadays, it’s no surprise that digital innovations have already reached the real estate industry. If you’d like to learn more, SoFlo360, a real estate virtual reality provider in the Tampa Bay Area can help answer your questions on virtual reality tours. Call them now at (501) 908 - 0260 or email them at

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