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The 3 Reasons For Why Hotels and Restaurants Should Jump On The Virtual Reality Bandwagon

Virtual reality touring has essentially changed the game for a number of businesses and industries. Real estate and tourism now have the ability to immerse themselves in the technological era we find ourselves in. Gone are the days when customers would need to consume large amounts of information by reading customer reviews, looking at images or asking for opinions on social media all to decide whether to book a hotel room or not.

With the advent of virtual reality technology, the customer now has the ability to view the house they want to purchase or the hotel room they want to rent out without leaving the comfort of their home while still being able to make an informed decision. The main benefits of utilizing virtual reality technology include:

1. Enhancing the user experience

Virtual reality technology grants a business a competitive advantage over those in the industry that have yet to utilize it. For owners of tours, sellers of houses and hotels it can reduce the time a customer spends on searching for information or planning because of how accurate it is presented in comparison with traditional promotions. They are also essentially able to live and experience nearly every nook and cranny of the destination which increases the chance that they’ll develop an emotional connection to the place before even seeing it.

2. Low set up cost

The price range varies according to which VR company’s services are enlisted but they are generally affordable. offers two packages, $95.00 for any residential under 2,000 sqft and $135.00 for any residential between 2,001 and 3,000 sqft. From these packages, a business owner will receive the full immersive 3D virtual tour with up to 100 quality image scans, a viewable link on matterport and the embedded code to put on a website of your choice, a video highlight reel and even more.

3. Show off the goods and reach prospects anywhere

Virtual reality tours give business owners the ability to showcase their establishments before the customer even steps into the building which tells the customer your serious about your business and that customer satisfaction is high up on your list of concerns. After setting up a virtual tour, it means that on the internet exists a 24 hour presentation of your building or establishment, essentially marketing your business without input from yourself or your employees. VR tours require only a steady internet connection for them to be viewed, meaning it can be reached

by anybody around the world.

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